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Why Pharmacy Prices Vary

It seems like if there were something predictably priced in the medical world it would be pharmacy prescriptions. Here in Houston and around the US pharmacies purchase their medications in bulk from suppliers to make a profit on them.  So how come prices vary so much?

Can you imagine if your grocery store didn’t have any prices and the prices varied depending on the customer?  That depending on your plan groceries would cost different amounts at every grocery store? This is an apt analogy for the pharmacy industry here in Houston.

Before 2000 many medications were brand-name only, and not cheap, which added up for a lot of people. Insurance companies stepped in to cover these medications to help alleviate this.  In the last couple of decades, more than 80% of those medications patents expired allowing generics to come into the market and making medication affordable, even 99% cheaper.  What pharmacies sell medication for completely varies by pharmacy.

You can imagine that many pharmacies decided that they didn’t need to let everyone know how much medication prices had dropped. Especially if insurance companies covered the price no matter what they charged.  Essentially it costs the insurance company nothing to cover these medications because they pass the price onto their customers and pharmacies made bank.

That’s why at Blue Mint Pharmacy we’re dedicated to bringing you $1-$2 prescriptions even without insurance. We care about Houston and want to make sure affordable care is within reach. Shop around for your medication prices and then come here!